All forms are in PDF format. If you do not have a PDF reader, please download and install Acrobat Reader in order to view and print the following documents.

* Two-page forms must be printed as a double-sided document.
** Auto Body Shop and Auto Repair Shop License applications may print on legal size paper only. 
*** Office only accepts cash or check.



Auto Body Application Licenses are valid for two years and are required for businesses that repair damaged motor vehicles.  Approval from various departments as well as a City Council hearing is necessary for new licenses.
Auto Repair Application Licenses are valid for two years and are required for businesses that repair, modify, remodel, paint or alter automobile bodies or damaged motor vehicles.  Approval from various departments as well as a City Council hearing is necessary for new licenses.
Beano  Beano games are regulated by the Lottery Commission. One day licenses to be issued to qualified organizations require the approval of the Mayor, City Council and Chief of Police. For more information and to obtain the application, visit the Lottery Commission website, or call (781) 849-5555.
Bowling alleys, billiards and pool tables An annual license is required for pool rooms and bowling alleys and is valid from the date of issuance to May 1. Fees vary depending on the number of bowling alleys or pool tables.
Business Certificate Form with Instructions Business Certificates for businesses located in the City of Fall River are filed with the City Clerk’s Office for $60. The Business Certificate expires four years from the date it is effective. The application must be printed double-sided and notarized or completed by the business owner(s) in person.
Businesses established as a corporation or a limited liability corporation operating under their true corporate name are not required to file a DBA (Doing Business As).
Cemetery Deeds  Cemetery Deeds are issued by the City Clerk and the Mayor upon the purchase of a Cemetery Burial Plot with the Cemetery Division. The application process begins at Oak Grove Cemetery located at 765 Prospect Street.
Claim-form Claims against the City are filed with the City Clerk and forwarded to the Law Department for review. For more information about the claims process, click here.
Constable-Application Constables are appointed for three (3) years by the Mayor. The application process begins in the Mayor’s office. Credentials are issued by the City Clerk
Dog License Application Owners of dogs four months or older are required to obtain a dog license every year. For more details, or to place your order for a dog license, click here.
Drainlayer’s License Drainlayer licenses are approved by the City Council at the recommendation of the City Engineer. The application process begins with the City Engineer.
Food Vending Cart Packet Permit for the sale of any food or beverage items from a wagon, cart or similar wheeled container, but not a vehicle. Growers of their own food must apply for a food vending permit if they use a pushcart to sell their food items.

The permit is valid from the date of issuance to May 1.

Genealogy Policy and Application For purposes of ancestry research.
Going out of business instructions Any business undertaking a Closing Out or Going Out of Business Sale must complete the following steps as laid out in Chapter 93 of Massachusetts General Law and deliver the required material listed in the instructions to the City Clerk’s Office at least three days before the start of the sale.
Hawker and Peddler Any person who goes from place to place, on private or public property, selling or bartering, or carrying for sale or batter, or exposing any goods (including food), wares, or merchandise whether on foot or from any pushcart or vehicle requires a Hawker and Peddler License or Certificate, which is valid from date of issuance to May 1.


Holders of a Massachusetts Hawker and Peddler License operating in the City of Fall River must register such license with the City Clerk. Those selling food items from a pushcart must apply for a City of Fall River Food Vending Permit as well.

Those selling newspapers, religious publications, flowering plants, and wild or uncultivated flowers must register in person with the City Clerk. No expiration date or fee applies.

Junk Collector Application No person shall gather old rags or newspapers or pick up, in the city, junk or secondhand articles usually dealt in by keepers of junk shops or yards without first obtaining from the city council a license as a junk collector, and no person to whom a junk collector’s license has been issued shall store or deposit such articles in any place unless he has obtained a junk dealer’s license in accordance with city ordinances.
Marriage  For the instructions on how to apply for a marriage license, click here.
Pawnbroker Application Persons who engage in or carry on the business of lending money on mortgages, deposits or pledges of wearing apparel, jewelry, ornaments, household goods or other personal property, or of purchasing such property on condition of selling the same back again at a stipulated price, when the property so mortgaged, pledged or purchased is deposited with the lender, must be annually licensed as pawnbrokers. License is valid from the date of issuance to May 1.
Private livery vehicles and drivers  Individuals renting an automobile of the private passenger type for hire and operated by the owner or by an operator in the employ of the owner, and used for weddings, social functions, funeral purposes, and shopping trips. Licenses are issued upon City Council approval and payment of $60 for the vehicle license and $20 for the driver’s license.
Public records request form Responses to requests for public records shall be received within ten (10) business days. Responses may include an estimate of fees required to fulfill the request and/or request for additional information or clarification.
Raffle and Bazaar Application Packet Any non-profit group holding a raffle or bazaar is required to file a new permit for $50 or renewal for $10 annually. In addition to the application, green forms referenced in the instruction page are available only by hard copy in the office.
Second Hand Application Packet Those purchasing, selling, bartering or storing junk, newspapers, old metals or secondhand articles must obtain this annual license, which is valid from the date of issuance until May 1. Approval from various departments as well as a City Council hearing is required for new licenses.
Storage of Inflammables Application The completed application is filed with the City Clerk after approval from the Fire Chief and once a list of abutters is acquired from the Assessor’s Office. A City Council hearing is required for new licenses. Licensing fees vary depending on the amount of storage.
Streets Procedure & Petition In order to accept as a public way any unaccepted way, a petition signed by at least ten (10) legal voters must be filed. The same process applies to the discontinuance of an accepted street.
Structure over Public Way – Application Those seeking to place or maintain a structure, such as a sign, canopy, awning, or banner into, on, or over a sidewalk, street or other public way must first obtain a permit from the City Council. The application is filed with the City Clerk for $15.
Taxicab Vehicle Application Packet Individuals or businesses operating motor vehicles that are used for the transportation of others for hire must obtain Taxicab Vehicle and Driver Licenses before operating in the City of Fall River. Taxicab Vehicle applications are filed with the City Clerk. Taxicab Driver License applications must be completed in person with a valid picture ID. Licenses are issued upon approval by the City Council for $20 and a 2”x2” passport-sized photo and are valid from the date of issuance to January 1.
Transient Vendor Application Persons who are not Fall River residents or taxpayers who engage in a temporary or transient business in the City of Fall River, either in one location or in traveling from place to place, selling goods, wares or merchandise must file an application with the City Clerk and obtain said license from the City Council before engaging in such business in any tent, booth, building or other structure.
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Yard Sales  A license is required from the City Clerk for $20 per day for the conduct of a yard or garage sale or a like sale. The license is issued to the premises where the licensee resides. No property except personal property owned by the licensee or members of his immediate family residing on the premises must be sold at the licensed sale. The application must be made in person.  Temporary licenses are $15 and are valid from the date of issuance to the date the annual license approved by the City Council is issued.