Ponds, Reservoirs, & Watersheds

Copicut Reservoir

The City takes its water from two protected sources, the North Watuppa Pond and the Copicut Reservoir.

The City owns both reservoirs, along with much of their watersheds. No activity is allowed on these 8,500 acres that would endanger the high quality of the City’s raw water supply.

North and South Watuppa

The North Watuppa Pond is the second-largest naturally-occurring body of water within Massachusetts, has been used as the City of Fall River’s primary drinking water supply since the 19th century, and drains into South Watuppa Pond by a small stream channel in an area known as the Narrows. An ice house was also built in 1864 along the shores of North Watuppa Pond and operated during the 19th Century, the remains of which are still standing, although greatly covered by overgrown woods in recent years.

The Division also owns or controls other area ponds, such as the South Watuppa Pond, and has extensive holdings of water rights in the Greater Fall River area.