Fall River Community Electricity Aggregation Program

Those who do not want to participate in Fall River CEA can opt out without penalty or change to a different program option at any time on the program website masscea.com/Fall-River or by calling the supplier: 

Constellation at 833-461-0813. 

For more information about the program, go to masscea.com/Fall-River.

Basic Product
(Opt-Out Product)
100% Renewable Product
Price 15.784 cents/kWh 16.178 cents/kWh 17.282 cents/kWh
Meets State Minimum
(Minimum is 59%
2023, 62% 2024,
Adds 10% additional MA
Class I renewable energy
to State Minimum
(Total renewables: 69%
2023, 72% 2024 and 73%
100% Renewable
(Adds MA Class I renewable
energy to State Minimum to
total 100% every year)
Term December 2023 to November 2025