Inspectional Services

The City Inspectional Services Department is a comprehensive regulatory body ensuring the adherence to safety and quality standards across various domains within the city. This multi-faceted department vigilantly oversees several key areas:

  1. Building: The division enforces building codes and regulations to ensure the structural integrity and safe construction of buildings within the city. It is instrumental in reviewing plans, issuing building permits, and conducting inspections during different phases of construction, ensuring compliance with local and state construction standards.

  2. Electrical: This sector is dedicated to the safe installation and maintenance of electrical systems in residential, commercial, and industrial structures. By enforcing the National Electrical Code, our licensed inspectors conduct meticulous reviews and on-site inspections, ensuring all electrical work within the city limits meets the established safety standards.

  3. Plumbing & Gas: Overseeing the installation, maintenance, and inspection of all plumbing and gas systems, this division ensures the safety and wellness of the city's inhabitants. Compliance with the state's plumbing and gas codes is enforced through rigorous inspections, ensuring all systems function correctly and safely, minimizing potential hazards related to gas leaks or faulty plumbing.

  4. Minimum Housing: This division is committed to upholding the livability and safety of residential properties by enforcing the minimum housing code. Inspectors in this division respond to complaints, conduct routine inspections, and work with property owners to address issues related to structural integrity, adequate heating, ventilation, sanitation, and overall safety to ensure suitable living conditions for all residents.

  5. Sanitation: The Sanitation division plays a crucial role in public health by enforcing cleanliness standards and managing waste control. It ensures that residential and commercial properties adhere to the city's health and sanitation codes, aiming at a cleaner, healthier environment through regular inspections and the enforcement of regulations related to waste disposal, recycling, and pest control.

  6. Weights & Measures: This division protects consumers and businesses by ensuring the accuracy of commercial weighing and measuring devices. It conducts inspections and tests on a variety of instruments, including scales, gas pumps, and scanners, to verify honest and accurate transactions, thereby maintaining marketplace equity.

Through these diverse sectors, the City Inspectional Services Department operates with the utmost commitment to maintaining the city's safety, health standards, and overall quality of life, facilitating a secure and thriving environment for both residents and businesses.