The City of Fall River’s Sanitation Inspection Office is a unit within the Division of Inspectional Services. We are responsible for the enforcement of the State Sanitary Code Articles I through X, and the State Environmental Codes.

The Inspectional Services Department is mandated by local ordinances and state law to fulfill very specific rules and regulations regarding the safe construction of buildings, certifications of structures – residential and commercial, habitability of dwelling units, enforcement of state sanitary codes, testing of weighing devices, signage, and occupancy permits as well as enforcing the City of Fall River Zoning Ordinances.

Sanitary Inspectors:

  • Conduct routine inspectional activities of food service establishments to assure safe, wholesome and sanitary food and food products, wherever produced, processed, distributed, transported or served
  • Authorize issuance of licenses and permits for food establishments, or deny when necessary.
  • Investigate food borne illnesses
  • Inspect premises where animals are stabled, for the purpose of granting a permit
  • Identify deficiencies and violations
  • Conduct follow-up Re-inspections
  • Inspect dwellings that are to be rented for code compliance
  • Investigate nuisance complaints and conducts follow-up inspections to assure compliance

One Government Center,
Room 522
Fall River, MA 02722