Parks Department

The Parks Division plays a crucial role within the City of Fall River, entrusted with the upkeep of all city parks and playgrounds. These spaces, encompassing both passive and active parks, have long been a source of community pride. Integral to the city's identity, these parks serve as neighborhood landmarks, with the main parks often being synonymous with the areas they grace. Among these, Ruggles, North, and Kennedy parks hold a special place in the city's heritage, having been designed by Frederick Law Olmstead, renowned as the Father of Landscape Architecture in America. Beyond maintenance, the division is actively involved in community life, contributing to the summer recreation program and taking part in various civic celebrations, including the iconic July 4th Fireworks.

In its commitment to fostering accessible and enjoyable public spaces, the Parks Division oversees extensive resources. These include 24 parks and playgrounds that form the backbone of the recreational system, roughly 172 acres of picturesque parkland, and 15 miles of median strips scattered throughout the city. Additionally, they preserve 11 memorial greens, paying homage to the city's history and heroes. This dedicated stewardship extends to ensuring inclusivity, as the division is steadfast in its mission to enhance facilities continuously. This ongoing effort guarantees that everyone, regardless of age or ability, has access to recreational opportunities, affirming the city's commitment to the well-being of its youth, elderly, and persons with disabilities.

Park Permit Requirements


450 Middle Street
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