Solid Waste

The Solid Waste Department is dedicated to delivering environmentally responsible, timely, and cost-efficient collection, disposal, and recycling services to both residential and commercial customers in Fall River. Our primary objective is to provide exceptional services for garbage, brush, leaf, and large item collection while ensuring fiscal responsibility. Fall River is committed to maintaining the highest standards in these services while managing costs effectively. We employ specialized refuse and recycling vehicles to conduct 18,000 daily curbside household collections, encompassing solid waste, recycling, bulky items, yard waste (April to December), paint and oil disposal (May to October), and proper handling of needles and sharps, as well as white goods.

Sustaining the cleanliness of our city and the beauty of our neighborhoods is a collaborative effort involving both municipal authorities and residents. In pursuit of this goal, our division is also responsible for street sweeping and enforcing litter regulations. Additionally, we actively engage in city-wide cleanup initiatives, supporting various neighborhood groups in their ongoing endeavors to preserve the charm of their respective areas within the city.


One Government Center
Room 511
Fall River, MA 02722