Traffic & Parking

The Traffic Department oversees parking regulation and traffic signage across the city, addressing requests and issues related to parking, traffic safety, and general roadway conditions. It collaborates with the police department on matters of speeding, abandoned vehicles, and overall traffic safety, and coordinates with the Department of Community Maintenance (DCM) on concerns such as street repairs, sidewalks, and litter control, ensuring community leaders' neighborhood concerns are promptly addressed.

This department manages the city's extensive network of 975 parking meters and over a thousand streets, maintaining regular coin collection from meters and the consistent installation of various street, safety, school, directional, handicap, and special event signs. Its maintenance unit handles the striping of crosswalks and center lines, paying particular attention to school zones for enhanced safety.

Additionally, the Parking Enforcement unit operates daily except on Sundays and holidays, enforcing the city’s parking regulations with the primary goal of enhancing safety and accessibility on the city's roads. The office segment of the Traffic Department is dedicated to the processing and adjudication of parking violations, maintaining a commitment to public service excellence. It strives for continuous improvement in providing information on various topics, including signage, motor vehicle regulations, city events, permit acquisitions, and handicap applications, ensuring a well-informed and served community.


One Government Center
Room 234
Fall River, MA 02722